My name is Emmanuel (Emm). I am an anthropologist engaged in several photography genres and the creation of short videos. I live in Thailand and I work on my own. When Siebe is in Thailand we work together as a team. Chitlada helps to translate the Thai language in English and back.

I image the spirit of life in Thailand, i.e. I picture temples, Buddhist ceremonies, and people seen at national festivals or similar events. I am interested in culture, traditions, and habits. Purpose is to enrich human understanding of social behavior on a broader level.

Next to that I take portrait and model photos, nude art included. The purpose of portraiture is to image someone’s mood and personality. The purpose of model photos is to build a 'persona' in a made-up environment.

In my free time I am happy to build a photo-modeling portfolio for beginning female photo-models, free of charge. Just contact me.

I hope that you like my website and images and I thank you for visiting my site.

The domain of this site is purchased and registered at NAMECHEAP, Phoenix USA . The site is hosted by FORMAT, Toronto Canada, and uses the template: "Stockholm". Hence this site is outside the jurisdiction of Thailand.

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